AbouT stone LEather Goods


I’m Stephen and I have a passion for making things. I am the driving force behind Stone Leather Goods, along with my supportive wife, Jenna, and plenty of coffee. I have known all my life that my full time job would be creatively making, and when Stone Leather was born, that dream came to fruition.

My background is in prop making, which is where I learned many of the techniques of the industry. One of my favorite assignments was recreating vintage leather briefcases, which both inspired and informed the way I create my goods. Aesthetics of Los Angeles culture, mid-century simplicity, and sturdy utilitarian design surrounded my learning, and spurred the progression of what Stone Leather has come to look like today. I am thankful to be able to create items of my own design that will be loved for years.

I'm still learning, both about my work and myself, and I am very excited to see where I end up. Thanks for coming along on my journey!