Our Goods

Stone Leather goods are built to last. I put hours of loving care into each and every thing I make. From the pattern designing to the stitching, I make sure that everything is strong, sleek, and special.

I use quality leathers, and love to use vegetable tanned leather that’s free of harsh chemical processing, in all of my goods. I love the way this leather will soften and darken the more it’s used, because I feel the beauty of quality leather goods is seeing them evolve over time!

My goal is to have Stone Leather products age into pieces reminiscent of your ancestral antiques: timeless, personal, and of the utmost quality. With a little beeswax, elbow grease, and some love, your Stone Leather treasure will last as long as you use it. I hope you will appreciate the minimal yet functional design of the pieces I have poured my heart into. I can’t wait to see where in the world they will travel to!